It's the only deal possible, EU's Barnier tells Brexit Britain

It's the only deal possible, EU's Barnier tells Brexit Britain

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to a live TV debate on Brexit but are clashing over which channel should host it.

"I am convinced we will be able to work together for a real and unprecedented partnership", he said of Britain's future relationship with the European Union, talks on which will start after Brexit day on March 29, 2019.

It was released as Prime Minister Theresa May prepared to head to Scotland on the latest stage of a tour of all parts of the United Kingdom to promote her deal to voters ahead of the crucial House of Commons vote on 11 December.

By contrast, the BBC has offered to include a panel of leading individuals from both sides of the Brexit debate who would be able to put questions to both May and Corbyn, ensuring a focus on the Brexit deal. "I've negotiated what I believe is a good deal for the United Kingdom".

"Given the hard circumstances of this negotiation and given the extreme complexity of all the issues of the British withdrawal, the deal that is on the table. this deal is the only one and the best possible", Barnier said.

The Sun also runs with the claims from the Bank of England on a no-deal Brexit, calling it "Carnage".

The cross-government document in fact showed that there would be a hit of up to 3.9% to GDP over the course of 15 years.

The Bank of England, meanwhile, said on Wednesday that the United Kingdom economy could shrink by 8% in the immediate aftermath of Brexit if there was no transition period, house prices could fall by nearly a third, and that the pound could fall by a quarter.

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"Our job is not to hope for the best but to prepare for the worst", Carney told a news conference, noting that Britain's banks could cope with the worst Brexit shock.

The i leads on the economic forecast on Brexit, saying it could be the worst slump since the Second World War.

The Government analysis does not attempt precisely to forecast the impact of Mrs May's deal.

She said: "All the things that made us vote for Brexit are the things that are going to be imposed on Northern Ireland".

Wollaston went on to ask the PM if she would consider backing a so-called People's Vote. "It's not supposed to make people scared, it's supposed to provide reassurance that, even if this happened, which is not likely, the system is more than ready for it".

Britain's banking system is "strong enough to continue to serve United Kingdom households and businesses even in the event of a disorderly Brexit", the Bank said.

In Brussels, the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said the time for negotiations was over and that the British Parliament needed to decide whether to ratify the agreement. Leaving is not what we wanted, but we recognise that the withdrawal agreement has been hard-fought and, crucially, delivers a transition period which steps us back from the cliff-edge.

However, supporters of a more definitive break with Brussels quickly dismissed the reports as scaremongering, while advocates of closer ties said the forecasts demonstrated that promises of greater prosperity outside the European Union had been a lie.

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