The Times view on May and Corbyn's TV Brexit debate

The Times view on May and Corbyn's TV Brexit debate

Prime Minister Theresa May has scheduled a Brexit debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday 9th December. the SAME day as the I'm A Celeb final.

"Any debate must involve someone who believes in Brexit & the British people being fully in control of their laws, rather than giving back control to the European Union like the PM's deal".

May added: "Exactly how it might be done, if he takes it up, would be a matter for the broadcasters to determine".

Mrs May joked: "I'm tempted to say to her that throughout the last 18 months of these negotiations at virtually every stage people have said to me it wasn't possible for me to negotiate a deal with the EU - No sooner do I then people are saying "well what's the next thing you're going to negotiate".

According to Business Insider, up to 90 Tory MPs have declared they will vote against May's Brexit deal, with Labour and other opposition parties, including the Democratic Unionist Party which props up her minority government, also committed to voting it down.

She said: "I am going to be explaining why I think this deal is the right deal for the United Kingdom - and yes, I am ready to debate it with Jeremy Corbyn".

Labour Brexiteer Gisela Stuart also attacked the proposed line-up, saying it was limited to "two politicians who voted and campaigned for Remain". Get Me Out Of Here!.

She said: "As it now stands, the majority of people in this House will not vote in favour of the Prime Minister's deal, despite her very best efforts, so she needs Plan B.

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We will work with others to block a no deal outcome, and ensure that Labour's alternative plan for a sensible deal to bring the country together is on the table".

The Prime Minister laughed when she was asked whether she thought she could win a ratings battle with I'm A Celebrity... "I believe this is in the national interest".

Mrs May said there was a timetable for payments: "As he is aware from earlier negotiations we had on this particular issue the £39 billion has been determined in relation to our legal obligations and I think it's important that as a country we stand up to our legal obligations".

"I think we have to take a look at, seriously, whether or not the United Kingdom is allowed to trade".

And Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted that she would be "up for a full leaders" debate on the "deal'".

It follows that we would be in favour of televised debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on any subject at any time.

Challenged on BBC's Andrew Marr Show about the prospect of an election being unlikely, Mr Burgon said: "I think the age of the experts is over".

European Union leaders will have to weigh up if they still want May to win, and how badly they want to just move on.

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