Citizens urged to get tested for HIV

Citizens urged to get tested for HIV

Several people also voluntarily underwent HIV test at the ICTC stall and blood test to determine their blood group at the blood bank centre.

Figures show that the country reported around 87,000 new AIDS cases in 2017, marking a decline of almost 70% in new infections since 1995 when the disease, which spreads due to a deadly virus infection, was at its peak.

Campaigners say one of the biggest challenges in the fight to end AIDS is encouraging people to get tested and making them aware of treatment and prevention services. By 2017, 75% of the people estimated to be living with HIV (28 million out of 37 million) had accessed HIV testing and been diagnosed. Doing so can help people with and at risk of HIV access the care they need - be it for TB, mental health, hepatitis or another disease. Sex workers and their clients, transgender women and people who inject themselves with drugs are also disproportionately affected by HIV.

"If people living with HIV don't know their viral load, they won't be sure that the treatment is effective, protecting their health and stopping HIV transmission", Sidibe's message read in parts whiles he admitted that 30 years on, there was a long way to go despite successes chalked. The demographics of people with HIV attributed to injection drug are similar to those most at risk for opioid use and addiction - which skews towards the younger, white population.

On Saturday Dec 1 it’s the 30th anniversary of the World AIDS Day a day aimed to raise HIV-awareness and remembrance
On Saturday Dec 1 it’s the 30th anniversary of the World AIDS Day a day aimed to raise HIV-awareness and remembrance

"To date, significant progress has been made in the AIDS response for reducing the impact of the HIV pandemic in South Africa". She added, "Access to confidential HIV testing is still an issue of concern". Globally, 15- to 24-year-old women are twice as likely as young men to be infected.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has become the country's first PM to publicly take a HIV test after he released a video clip on his twitter account on Saturday, showing him receiving a Rapid HIV Test in a local clinic, reported local media.

Mabuza addressed the official World Aids Day commemoration at the Dobsonville Stadium this afternoon.

"We have made tremendous progress in the global fight against HIV/AIDS".

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