Former Universities Minister Says PM's Deal "Isn't A Deal"

Former Universities Minister Says PM's Deal

The party, that has 10 MPs in Westminster, has already abstained on a number of parliamentary votes in recent weeks in a warning to the prime minister that they are not bluffing about their threats to abandon her.

The Environment Secretary said the most difficult element of the deal was the Northern Ireland "backstop", meant to prevent the return of a hard border with the Republic.

In voting to leave the European Union, the majority - in the Leave campaign's repeated slogan of "taking back control" - was making some form of demand of the government and parliament for a change in direction for the United Kingdom, in respect of our participation in building supra-national legal frameworks.

He admitted there were aspects of the deal he found "uncomfortable", but said his message to MPs was that they "should not make the flawless the enemy of the good".

The paper reported on a letter sent by Cox, in which the top law officer said: "The [backstop] protocol would endure indefinitely" - and claimed Britain would only be able to lose the backstop through a trade deal, which could take years to reach and on which the European Union would hold a veto.

"The next nine days are a really important time for our country, leading up to the vote on this deal", she told a press conference in Buenos Aires.

Brexiteers have warned it could see the United Kingdom tied to European Union customs arrangements for years with no exit mechanism, while negotiations continue with Brussels on a trade deal.

He also said a second referendum would be "far better" than Mrs May's deal.

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"One of the things that I hope people will have the chance to do over the next nine days is to recognize that we should not make the ideal the enemy of the good", Gove said.

"I believe that we can win the argument and win the vote".

He told Ridge on Sunday: "It is the only deal that's there on the table, it's the only option we have got it: if this deal doesn't go through, we have the risk of no Brexit, no deal potentially ... there's a whole range of chaos that can come through".

"The EU has a clear veto, even if the future negotiations stretch on for many years, or even if they break down and there is no realistic likelihood of us reaching agreement". She said Britain would develop its own sat-nav system, at an estimated cost of several billion pounds (dollars).

However, Starmer said seeking a confidence vote against May would be inevitable if she loses the Brexit vote.

Ministers have been accused of ignoring the will of the House after saying they will publish only a "full reasoned political statement" on the legal position concerning the Withdrawal Agreement. Labour has threatened to join forces with other opposition parties, including the DUP, and write to Commons Speaker John Bercow accusing the government of contempt of Parliament if it doesn't publish the advice in full.

The universities and science minister is the seventh member of May's government to quit since she brought back the draft Withdrawal Agreement from Brussels.

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