James Comey Backs Off Legal Fight, Agrees to Testify Privately

James Comey Backs Off Legal Fight, Agrees to Testify Privately

"Grateful for a fair hearing from judge", he tweeted Sunday.

Republicans on the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee pledged to provide Mr Comey with a full transcript within 24 hours of his testimony, and he will be permitted to "make any or all of that transcript public", Mr Comey's lawyer David Kelley told Reuters in a statement. "This is the closest I can get to public testimony", Comey wrote on Twitter Sunday morning.

Comey had mounted a legal challenge against GOP congressmen who subpoenaed him to appear in a closed session to testify about, among other things, his decision not to bring criminal charges against Clinton in 2016.

Comey is expected to be questioned about decisions made by the FBI in 2016, including a call not to recommend criminal charges against Democrat Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server and the FBI's investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federation and Republican Donald Trump's campaign.

Comey pushed back on the subpoena after he received it last month, saying he would be willing to testify in a public setting but did not believe a private interview would be proper.

Trump fired Comey past year on the grounds that Comey had mishandled the Clinton case, with both then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sending memos expressing agreement with the decision.

Lawyers for the U.S. House of Representatives consented to Comey's move to drop the case.

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Comey was due to appear Monday on the Hill, but Kelley disclosed in court that a new subpoena changed the deposition date to Tuesday.

But the former Federal Bureau of Investigation boss has now agreed to Friday's session after the committee said a transcript would be released after 24 hours and that he could speak about it afterwards. "This ensures both transparency and access for the American people to all the facts".

Incoming Democratic Committee chairman Rep.

Comey agreed to sit down for a closed-door deposition Friday.

Moscow denies meddling and Mr Trump denies campaign collusion, calling the Mueller investigation a political witch hunt.

The statement notes that Comey "ultimately made the decision" and was the "primary author of the press statement" announcing the decision not to prosecute Clinton.

Comey sought a public hearing, claiming in a court filing Thursday that he feared "selective leaks" from Republicans.

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