Trump Imposes Six Month Deadline On Congress For NAFTA Substitute

Trump Imposes Six Month Deadline On Congress For NAFTA Substitute

Although the three North American leaders have signed the deal, it is still up to the legislative bodies of each country to approve of it. Forcing the hand of Congress, Trump has stated that he will pull out of the original NAFTA deal so that the USMCA must be approved. "And we're rolling. Congress, on the other hand, is not rolling, and I think President Trump's intent here was to light a fire under Congress". "Without major improvements, this supposed overhaul will prove to be nothing more than a rebranded corporate handout".

"It's disappointing but not surprising" that the US president would try to force Congress to reinstate the status quo of #NAFTA, instead of working constructively with Congress to improve his proposed agreement, Henry Connelly, a spokesman for House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, said on Twitter Sunday morning.

U.S. President Donald Trump says he intends to tell Congress that he plans to terminate NAFTA in an effort to pressure lawmakers on Capitol Hill to approve its recently negotiated successor.

Congressional Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, who is in line to become Speaker of the House in January, have criticized the proposed NAFTA replacement as not going far enough to protect the environment or workers in the U.S. Mexico. "We look forward to working with Congress to get USMCA passed into law as quickly as possible".

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The issue could ultimately be decided by the USA courts. "It allows Mexico to dump government-subsidized produce on the US market".

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, he said, "We can go back to the table with the Mexicans and the Canadians and do stronger labor standards". U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says the agreement secures greater access to the Mexican and Canadian markets and lowered barriers for many American products. "The agreement also preserves and expands critical access for US poultry and egg producers and addresses Canada's discriminatory wheat grading process to help USA wheat growers along the border become more competitive".

Some Republicans say they, too, are disinclined to support the agreement in its current form.

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