Store Wars: Epic Games Takes on Valve, Google with Own Games Store

Store Wars: Epic Games Takes on Valve, Google with Own Games Store

For example, a developer making a game with Unreal Engine and releasing it on Steam would net them a revenue share of only 65 percent, whereas on the Epic Games Store that same game would net the developer an 88 percent cut.

Fortnite's developer is ready to battle Steam by building its own digital store.

In an attempt to make its store a more attractive proposition for developers and content creators, Epic will also implement a "Support-A-Creator program" that aims to bring influencers and marketers together. Developers using the Unreal Engine will save another 5% as the 12% include the engine royalty already.

Season 6 is set to end on December 5th with the brand new Season beginning right after.

Epic Games can't launch its games from outside of the iOS App Store yet, because unlike with Android devices, iOS users can't sideload applications on iOS devices. There, we have Steam,, and the Windows Store. The math is quite simple: we pay around 2.5 to 3.5 percent for payment processing for major payment methods, less than 1.5 percent for CDN costs (assuming all games are updated as often as Fortnite), and between 1 and 2 percent for variable operating and customer support costs.

Store Wars: Epic Games Takes on Valve, Google with Own Games Store

Curation would be manual, with "creators" - YouTube video makers and Twitch streamers - effectively providing recommendations direct to gamers.

"Unreal Tournament remains available in the store but isn't actively developed", Epic's Tim Sweeney said to Variety. The new tiered system adjusts the revenue share to 75%/25% and 80%/20% when game earnings exceed $10 million and $50 million on Steam.

Interestingly enough, this news comes just days after Valve announced they were reducing the cut it takes from some games.

The pair played Fortnite during downtime during of the editing process of Infinity War, they told EW this year. The first set of curated games will run on other engines like Unity. It will mostly focus on the technical side of things and general quality. 'We plan to grow throughout early 2019 and open the store up more widely later on. This in itself has created an opening for Epic's launcher, which poses a real threat to the PC monopoly while maintaining a stance against exploitative fees.

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