Google to retire smart messaging app Allo after March 2019

Google to retire smart messaging app Allo after March 2019

For active users of the program have been published with detailed instructions to export the history messages after the specified period are deleted from the servers of the Corporation. After all, you can't announce the essential terminations of two chat apps at once, now can you? The instant messaging arena is just not Google's game to play, and the internet giant has once again provided a confirmation of that itself. Duo did two-way video chats, while Allo was apparently competing against the company's own Android Messages (which itself was known as Android Messenger at the time).

As the shutdown time of the Google Allo is very much know, Verizon will be launching the RCS Chat on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphone on December 6.

"Given Messages' continued momentum, we've made a decision to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages". And Hangouts is limited to G Suite business customers but "at some point" will be available to former Hangouts users.

The announcement also basically confirmed Hangouts will be split into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Not regretting the investment in Allo, Klainer says it was money well spent.

Back in April, Google said that it was no longer throwing money at its smart messaging app Allo.

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Recall that recently Google announced the closure of Hangouts and its replacement by Allo. Google mentioned that it did learn a lot from Allo, during its two year stint.

Used Google Assistant to differentiate.

But this is far from being the only messaging tool to come from the Google stable.

While helpful, we do need to note that if you need a table to decide which messaging application you're going to use then it's not being done well. But that was eventually stripped out (except for Google Voice/Google Fi users). For the most part, Allo was a pretty good app, however it lacked the adoption that others have had. The app will completely shut down by March next year. It's not that it was a bad app or even a bad concept, but the majority of Android users either didn't know or didn't care that it existed. Google Plus was another platform that was shut down. That is Google Voice.

Allo being shut down was not a big surprise to most people. The decision was taken after a massive data breach within the service. Google has also already started working on RCS (Rich Communication Services), an enhanced SMS standard that could allow iMessage like communication between Android devices. It is reported that Hangouts is now more focused on corporate use.

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