Russia: US Navy Conducts Operations Near Russian Maritime Claims

Russia: US Navy Conducts Operations Near Russian Maritime Claims

This was reported by press Secretary of the U.S. Pacific fleet, Rachel Mcmurry, reports CNN. In the South China Sea, despite perceptions that U.S. FONOPs have been exclusively conducted against Chinese claims, the U.S. Navy has also challenged excessive maritime claims made by U.S. allies and partners, including the Philippines and Vietnam.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, demanded that the Kremlin "instantly stop its illegal conduct and respect the navigational rights and freedoms of all states", following the incident.

A U.S. Navy warship sailed in waters claimed by Russian Federation in the Sea of Japan on Wednesday as tensions increase over the Trump administration's decision to withdraw from a decades-old arms control treaty.

According to U.S. officials, these operations are created to ensure respect for the right of free passage in global waters and to challenge excessive claims.

"These operations demonstrate the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever worldwide law allows", McMarr said. According to her, it is not only Japan sea but also "other places" around the world. Russian Federation annexed the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

A USA defense official said that Wednesday's operation was the first time the US had conducted a FONOP in that area since 1987, when the Soviet Union was the government making those claims, CNN reported.

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The anti-Russia deployments and preparations by the U.S. Navy come amid heightened stress between Moscow and the West over Russia's seizure of two small Ukrainian military ships, a tugboat, and their crews on November 25.

The move is part of what the Navy calls "freedom of navigation operation", which challenges nations that claim sovereignty over waters beyond the 12 nautical miles allowed by global maritime law.

Background: This is the first FONOP conducted in the area since 1987.

The Peter the Great Gulf is the largest in the sea of Japan, there is a base of the Russian Pacific fleet.

The U.S. Navy cited "freedom of navigation" to justify the operation, which was carried out within the Sea of Japan.

The US has also repeatedly sent ships to the parts of East China Sea claimed by Beijing, drawing repeated protests from China - most recently last week, when the guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) sailed through the area.

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