Ubisoft unveils Far Cry New Dawn

Ubisoft unveils Far Cry New Dawn

Hey, if you intend to ever play Far Cry 5, I hope you already beat it. Ubisoft dropped a spoiler bomb on-stage at The Game Awards, but the developer's hand was kind of forced.

The new game is apparently called "Far Cry: New Dawn". Except this one's gonna be all future-y.

Far Cry 5's companion system brought a welcome way to get some backup when playing in single-player. As you progress through the game, other survivors sympathetic to your cause will rock up to your home and liven it up with laughter and songs. If you take the second option, prepare for the bandits to set up shop again, but this time with better defences.

Far Cry 5, which hit in March, broke sales records for Ubisoft.

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As for the game itself, The Outer Worlds is set to make its debut sometime in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Geoff Keighley and Obsidian teased the game's announcement last week with the tagline, "Worlds Will Change".

The game's main villains are The Twins, Mickey and Lou, who are indeed twin sisters. However, we've left her on the bench for now, instead opting for Nana. Who is Nana? She's a sharp-shooting sniper granny, and she's got your back. It will likely use the same map as Far Cry 5, along with numerous same assets. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. The imagery was also hard to pass over: two black women, armed with makeshift weapons, smirk as a white man is strapped to an overturned auto.

Far Cry: New Dawn comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15, 2019.

As with Far Cry 5, the best stories in New Dawn will be written by yourself and a friend. You'll be pleased to hear the Fangs for Hire will return as well. "Yes, there are ties to Far Cry 5 but. you're going to discover the world with [a brand new player character]". And the world is in a place actually where he wanted it to be, so he's a changed man.

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