UN Force Confirms Existence Of Tunnel In Israel Near Lebanon Border

UN Force Confirms Existence Of Tunnel In Israel Near Lebanon Border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, said he spoke with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres by phone Wednesday, telling him that he expects the UN to condemn the violation of Israeli sovereignty.

The footage shows two people walking towards the camera; they are scared off by what appears to be a small explosion.

The IDF's decision to launch Operation Northern Shield to neutralize Hezbollah terror tunnels this week stemmed from a growing fear the underground infrastructure would be used by terrorists to carry out attacks against IDF patrols in the area, according to a senior commander of the 91st Galilee Division.

Israel's prime minister on Thursday asked the global community to impose additional sanctions on Hezbollah and condemn the Lebanese militant group in response to the discovery of tunnels stretching from southern Lebanon into northern Israel. "The Lebanese army is ready to deal with any possible incidents".

The Israeli military provided UNIFL with a map of the area around Ramieh village on which houses are marked which are "connected to another attack tunnel that has been dug from Lebanon into Israel", Israeli army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said.

Gen. Yoel Strik, on Thursday gave the head of the U.N.'s peacekeeping force in Lebanon a tour of a tunnel that entered Israel.

Israel accuses the Lebanese movement of digging "terror tunnels" into its territory to target Israeli civilians.

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun also contacted Nabih Berri, the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Saad al-Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister, and Joseph Aoun commander-in-chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces, and during these calls, he assessed the situation with regard to the scope of the Zionist operations and requested that the Lebanese security forces closely monitor the situation.

"Senator Cruz has been tracking the Israeli campaign against these attack tunnels closely, and every day brings new disturbing revelations", said a spokesperson for Cruz.

The UN and European Union have condemned Hezbollah's actions and expressed support for Operation Northern Shield.

Livni alleged that part of Netanyahu's thinking was to deflect criticism from residents of southern Israel who say he has failed to quash the threat of cross-border rocket fire from militants in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, in the regional and global affairs, the imposition of the United States sanctions against Iran has failed. "Hezbollah knows that and Hamas knows it too". The former Israeli defence minister admitted earlier that the country's officials had been hiding knowledge of the tunnels' existence for years to mislead "the other side".

"It was also agreed that UNIFIL would send a technical team to Israel on December 6 to ascertain the facts", said the statement. Israel is not able and won't dare to confront Hezbollah.

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