Most US adults haven't gotten a flu shot this season

Most US adults haven't gotten a flu shot this season

"In terms of flu seasons, the last one was very severe".

CDC recommends getting vaccinated by the end of October so that people are more likely to be protected against the flu when activity picks up in the community, however, vaccination into December and beyond can be beneficial during most flu seasons, including this one. The decrease in the number of people getting an annual flu shot may be contributing to more people getting the flu.

Influenza vaccination coverage among health care personnel is an important measure of a hospital's health care quality, according to CDPH. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that pregnant women with continued concerns or questions about the influenza vaccination should discuss these with their healthcare provider in order to make an informed decision regarding vaccination.

With this start to the influenza season, she said the health district wanted to expand its offerings of the influenza vaccine beyond its normal immunization clinic hours, which are from 9 to 11 a.m. At an unusual meeting last month in Nashville, leading flu researchers met to discuss the obstacles to making a "universal" flu vaccine that works against the majority of strains that infect humans and lasts for years, if not a lifetime.

If you've yet to get a flu shot, local nurses say it's not too late.

National Influenza Vaccination Week Monmouth County encourages residents to get their vaccines

As of mid-November, 43 percent of adults are already immunized against the flu, while 14 percent have not yet been vaccinated but intend to do so in the coming days. Of the 180 pediatric deaths reported in the US last season, 80 percent occurred in children who had not had a flu shot. Those numbers were an increase from the 2016-17 season, which saw 273 deaths and 3,695 hospitalizations. However, 41 percent of adults reported that they have not yet been vaccinated and that they have no intentions of getting vaccinated either.

Health care providers are strongly encouraged to get the flu vaccine.

While the vaccine is not flawless, it greatly reduces the chances of getting the flu and lessens the severity should one get ill. The flu vaccine is crucial, not only to prevent flu in an individual, but also to prevent the spread of flu to those who may be at higher risk of complications.

Flu vaccines are not 100% effective, and sometimes the strain of flu circulating is not a flawless match for the flu strains in the flu vaccine.

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