Google Doodle Celebrates the Geminid Meteor Shower of 2018 (And It's ADORABLE!)

Google Doodle Celebrates the Geminid Meteor Shower of 2018 (And It's ADORABLE!)

"The Geminids are considered one of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year, with shooting stars that are commonly bright with long persisting trains", the UK's Met Office said in a statement.

The Geminids are named for the constellation Gemini, the point from which the meteors seem to radiate.

The Geminid meteor shower will peak from midnight until daybreak on 13 and 14 December. She said meteors would still be visible each night across the weekend.

Clear skies are essential for optimum viewing, so keep an eye on the weather before heading out.

Observers under a clear dark sky can expect to see up to 120 meteors per hour - an average of two per minute. Based on my own observations under good conditions with no moon in the sky, I typically see around 30 to 40 per hour. This isn't just a few comets moving across the sky.

The biggest meteor shower of the year will be passing over the country tonight and tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the Geminids meteor shower will consist of multi-coloured shooting stars visible from the ground on Thursday and Friday. NASA recommends that watchers go outside at 10:30 p.m.

This meteor shower occurs every year as the Earth passes through debris left from the asteroid while orbiting the sun.

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The meteors in this shower appear to come from a radiant in the constellation Gemini (hence the shower's name). Stargazers are encouraged to head over to the darkest spots outside and look up for a show of lights streaming across the sky.

From 50 to over 100 meteors may be visible per hour.

The doodle, while not animated, is a super-adorable slideshow that depicts the evolution of the Geminid meteor shower from its parent body, the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, to the unbelievable celestial event we know today.

The Geminid shower comes as news of a "Christmas comet" is expected to pass earth later this week.

A high chance of rain and a thunderstorm will leave the ACT with a little chance of glimpsing either comet or meteor shower.

"The best way to see the most meteors is simply to see as much of the sky as possible", Samuhel said.

Google on Thursday dedicated a doodle to the Geminid Meteor Shower 2018, showing the path of the meteors through Earth's atmosphere.

WHEN: Closest to Earth on December 16, but dimly visible already (best viewed with binoculars or telescope).

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