Instagram Introduces App Update, Making Users 'Tap Through Posts'

Many Instagram users woke up to a drastically different layout for the app Thursday - and weren't too happy about it. Instagram is back to normal for now.

A change like this will take time to reprogram our muscle memory on how we use the app. "We apologize for any confusion" an Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch.

Given the extremely negative response that the updated received from its users, Instagram may think twice about releasing the update to the public.

As Instagram went horizontal for brief moments, netizens lost their mind and it sparked a series of jokes and memes on Twitter. Instagram initially tested the design in October, exclusively on the Explore page.

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Instead of a timeline that scrolls vertically, the new interface has posts on a horizontal scroll.

Instagram seemed to roll out a new sideways-scrolling format Thursday - and quickly rolled it back after an online outcry including snide comments about Tinder, reported NBC News. Mosseri says if you aren't seeing the old system you should "restart your app". Social media users are notoriously resistant to change, so it should come as little surprise that a vocal number of Instagrammers were extremely unhappy at the adjustment to their feeds, particularly as it appeared there was no ways to revert back to normal. If you're getting sick of Instagram's bad UI changes and algorithms, there's always PixelFed.

Mosseri said through a tweet that Instagram is always trying new experiences. Additionally, he said the feed in the app should be back to normal.

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