Android debuts Google’s new Spam Protection in Messages feature

Android debuts Google’s new Spam Protection in Messages feature

If you find your SMS inbox blighted by spam, and your phone is running Android, help is on the way - Google is rolling out a new spam protection tool inside its Messages app, according to users who've seen the update on their devices.

Google only trying to improve the user experience from the data of spam messages to "detect future spam for users". However, once the feature is live, a pop-up message will be displayed upon opening the Messages app. Combined with the reach of the Messages app, and the firm should at least put a large dent in the influx of spam.

Of course, you can also submit a manual spam report, which prompts the app to send the entire message to Google, including your and the sender's phone numbers. Spam Protection, on the other hand, requires less input from the user. The feature can be activated by going to message settings and selecting "Advanced", there you can click the "Spam protection" option to enable it. Howbeit, the content of the message will not be read; such as the phone number or the message body. However, Google says it doesn't save your phone number or the content of texts.

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Prior to the launch of the search feature, Google had introduced the web version of Android Messages to the delight of millions of users across the world.

For this feature, you need to trade-in your privacy and Google's past track is not particularly great when it comes to handling user data. "When it does hit your device, you should see a notification similar to that above when launching Messages", the report added.

We will keep you updated once the feature is available for all.

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