Nancy Pelosi says a sitting president can be indicted despite DOJ guidelines

Nancy Pelosi says a sitting president can be indicted despite DOJ guidelines

While appearing on CNN on Wednesday, Alexandra Pelosi gave a graphic description of how her mother would deal with people like the president.

"I don't think anyone at any point questioned her ability to negotiate, for her to be in rooms like the one she's going to be in today, like the one she was in last week, and be as effective as anybody else in our caucus or in our party", the Ohio Democrat told MSNBC's "Morning Joe".

Additional investigations could bog down a White House already besieged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation collusion probe, draining energy from the administration's agenda and foiling Trump's message.

Even if Democrats believe some of Trump's actions, including Trump's reported hush money payments to women during the 2016 campaign, clear the threshold of "high crimes and misdemeanors", Pelosi has downplayed the prospects of impeachment. Pelosi said in October that demanding them "is one of the first things we'd do".

Pelosi is now locked in a stalemate with Mr. Trump and Senate Republicans over a funding bill to end the partial government shutdown.

"By eliminating the Holman Rule from the House Rules package for the 116th Congress, Democrats will end an underhanded GOP tactic to sneak attacks on federal employees into must-pass bills", the delegation said in a news release.

New year brings new minimum wage throughout NY
Millions of American workers will see pay raises in the new year due to minimum-wage increases in 20 states and 21 cities. Hanson says they are proud to see their staff do well and says he believes the changes will benefit the local economy.

The president has demanded over $5 billion in funding for the wall. "How many more times can we say no?" "No, nothing for the wall", Pelosi said.

"The floor of this House must be America's Town Hall: where the people will see our debates and where their voices will be heard and affect our decisions, " she says.

"I'm effective as a legislator - I'm excellent at that".

The California Democrat is expected to be elected House speaker Thursday afternoon.

Ocasio-Cortez, who identifies as a Socialist Democrat, has been a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment since she stunned the political world by defeating a Democratic party boss in a primary for a U.S. House seat from NY.

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said in a statement that PAYGO "is a no go for me" and that the rule could obstruct "critical investments in education, infrastructure, and health care", but he stopped short of saying definitively that he would vote against the rules changes.

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