This iOS 13 Leak Is Exciting Apple Fans

This iOS 13 Leak Is Exciting Apple Fans

Apple iOS 13 features: What we know so far Based on previous rumours, iOS 13 will have a new feature for iPad tablets including a new Files app and in-app tabs so you can open multiple tabs inside an app for increased productivity. Fuchsia OS' ability to run Android apps hardly comes as a surprise for anyone as it has the largest app market and is the largest mobile OS in the world.

Google is preparing to release the new Fuchsia system which will be a bit different from the existing Android system.

We have talked about Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS a lot in the a year ago. They differ from usual Android devices as they do not target specific hardware.

As reported by 9to5Google, the operating system will be running Android apps using Android Runtime (ART) platform, which is being used now to run Android apps in smartphones.

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Last month, two repositories related to the Fuchsia OS were added to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) manifest.

As spotted by 9to5Google, Google has a new change in Android's Gerrit source code.

So Google is making sure it's not making the same mistake with Fuchsia that Microsoft did with Windows Phone. Looking at the analytics, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that Apple is picking up work on the next big iOS release. This version will be compatible with any Fuchsia device, and installable just like an app. All in all, Fuchsia is still a mystery for the most part, even though we've already seen some graphical representations of the OS have been shown, well, parts of it. The latest version of its mobile operating system had a faster take-up rate than iOS 11 too. By then, independent developers will have time to get their hands dirty with the Fuchsia SDK and enough information will become available to allow users to prepare for the switch.

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