LG’s 2019 TV Lineup Includes 88-inch 8K OLED with HDMI 2.1

LG’s 2019 TV Lineup Includes 88-inch 8K OLED with HDMI 2.1

These new TVs will be shown off at CES 2019 next week and LG have said that they will come with their ThinQ AI and also their Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor.

LG is rebranding its top-of-the-line LCD TVs to "NanoCell" TVs since they lean heavily on its "NanoColour, ' "NanoAccuracy" and 'NanoBezel" technologies.

To begin with, the televisions will support up to 4K and 120 frames per second thanks to the HDMI 2.1 ports that come with enough bandwidth (48 Gbps) to go beyond the 4K and 60 frames per second limit of the HDMI 2.0 revision. The result will be a smoother and clearer motion for better rendering of fast-action content when watching sports and action movies.

LG has announced six different TV ranges. Like the Z9, the SM99 boasts 16 times the resolution of a full HD TV, while it's four times the resolution of a 4K TV. There are always early adopters with deep pockets that want the latest tech no matter what.

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LG doesn't mention what kind of backlighting that the LCD sets have, so hopefully the tech giant will share more information at CES. Like all of the previous models which has HDMI 2.0 which were capable of playing 8K videos at 30 fps, these LG TVs are packed with HDMI 2.1 to give an unmatched viewing experience. As for the pricing details, the company is yet to reveal the price tags and availability of the flagship TVs.

However if you're feeling like this will be your next TV, we'd start saving.

According to an LG press release, the company's newest flagship TVs will use a new algorithm to offer enhanced picture and sound by analyzing source content as well as optimize content by recognizing ambient conditions. However, the difference between last year and this year is the fact that you won't need an external Alexa device to control the TV, as you'll be able to talk to the AI directly by simply pressing the dedicated Amazon Video button on the remote. Similarly, the α9 Gen 2 processor will optimize the audio output based on the content type and TV positioning in the room.

Also worth noting: LG's 2019 premium LCD TVs lineup (SM9X and SM8X series) will roll out under a new name, NanoCell TV.

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