Samsung announce Smart TVs will soon have AirPlay 2 and iTunes support

Samsung announce Smart TVs will soon have AirPlay 2 and iTunes support

Samsung's new iTunes- and AirPlay-2 compatible TVs will be available in (Northern Hemisphere) spring, while the timing of the firmware update for 2018 TVs is yet to be announced.

This announcement raises more questions than answers, so tonight's Samsung TV press briefing should be very interesting. This also represents the first time that Apple allows access to its service from a non-Apple device, essentially bypassing the need for a customer to buy Apple hardware such as the Apple TV. And as The Verge pointed out, this might discourage owners from purchasing Apple TV streaming devices, and thus hurt Apple's bottom line a bit.

With Samsung Smart TV support, iTunes Movies and TV Shows will be able to be searched with Bixby and with the TV's Search function. Samsung's 2018 and 2019 smart TVs are getting iTunes and support for AirPlay 2.

Perhaps part of the reason that Apple has made a decision to partner with Samsung is that its Apple TV hardware is having a rough go against alternatives such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and even Chromecast because of pricing. This will allow you to push your photos, videos, music and other contents from your iPhone and iPad seamlessly onto their TVs.

Two of tech's biggest rivals are working together: Apple and Samsung partnered to make it easier for people to watch iTunes content.

The decision to allow Apple's media technologies to live outside of its own walled garden isn't happening in a vacuum, though.

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In a pivot, Apple is increasingly leaning on other parts of their business such as their services segment, from iCloud to music and streaming services, as alternative forms of revenue.

And how could they?

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iTunes and AirPlay hitting Smart TVs is a baby step in expanding Apple's audience.

For Samsung there is the real risk that consumers who download the Apple app or log in to their Samsung TV to get content Apple content are suddenly exposed to Apple and other Apple products.

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