Brazen Support for BDS: A Troubling First in the New Congress

A separate senior Democratic aide said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer "has notified the (Democratic) caucus that he will vote against proceeding to S.1 because Senate Republicans should instead bring to the floor the House-passed bills to reopen the government".

Tlaib stepped in it again over the weekend when she suggested in a tweet that several USA senators have dual loyalties to both the United States and Israel.

The Israel boycott movement, which has been gaining strength on US college campuses, is modeled on the 1980s campaign to force universities and other institutions to divest in entities that favor South Africa's apartheid government.

One of the bills in the package is called the Rubio-Manchin Combating BDS Act of 2018, meant to limit the BDS movement in the US.

Rubio's bill, introduced as the first Senate bill of the 116th Congress, S.1, includes a provision called the "Combating BDS Act", which would give state and local governments the explicit legal authority to boycott USA companies that boycott Israel.

Critics of the bill claim that it is unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment.

Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) with lying about his legislation, saying it didn't punish political activity but rather protected the rights of local and state governments to boycott BDS participants.

A growing coalition of Senate Democrats - hailing primarily from states that have a large population of federal workers, as well as the contingent of senators eyeing presidential bids in 2020 - say the chamber should not vote on anything else until the shutdown ends. "Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away", she added. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted.

According to a Monday Politico report, GOP leaders are anxious that many of their caucus members will choose the latter as Democrats bring individual bills to fund different agencies to the floor in lieu of a comprehensive funding package. It includes aid for Israel and a provision that would let state and local governments refuse to do business with anyone who boycotts Israel.

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So boycotting #Israel is a constitutional right, but boycotting those participating in #BDS isn't?

Rubio swiftly accused Tlaib of referencing the "dual loyalty" charge that has always been used to suggest Washington politicians, including Jewish members, are controlled by Israel. #BDS isn't about freedom & equality, it's about destroying #Israel. Courts in Arizona and Kansas have ruled anti-boycott legislation unconstitutional.

Smith also questioned Trump's pronouncement the US should cut its military losses and withdraw from Syria - which Trump reversed after a GOP backlash and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned in protest.

But some of the laws have been challenged by the ACLU and other litigants as infringing on Americans' right to free speech.

"They forgot what country they represent". Whether or not this was her intent, this type of language is deeply problematic.

Rubio responded, accusing Sanders of lying and pointing out the ridiculousness of his argument.

Speaking in a dimly lit room, Tlaib told a cheering crowd that she had told one of her young sons: 'We're going to impeach the motherf***er!'

On Thursday night, she dropped the F-bomb at the president during a party hosted by the liberal group MoveOn.

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