Intel announces new 9th Gen desktop CPUs at CES 2019

Intel announces new 9th Gen desktop CPUs at CES 2019

What just happened? Intel has just announced that six new CPUs will be joining its 9th generation processor lineup.

While specifics have not yet been announced, Intel's Gregory M. Bryant confirmed that the chips will be the first to ship with Gen11 integrated graphics - which Intel claims is "designed to break the 1 TFLOPS barrier", alongside built-in Thunderbolt 3, WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and DL boost (deep learning boost) support. Along with Artificial Intelligence integration, Intel Ice Lake chips are going to be powered by Gen11 graphics.

The project would feature a hybrid CPU architecture that will apply the Forevos 3D packing tech - a method that includes stacking logic chips like GPU and processors on top of another. The big core is a single Sunny Cove core, with four smaller Atom cores available for less-intensive workloads. The company's Integrated UHD Graphics is disabled in these processors, which will allow for increased yields-Intel could still sell the chips if there are issues with the graphics but the cores are okay.

Intel showcased its latest Intel Xeon Scalable products, shipping today with advanced AI and memory capabilities, and 9th Gen Intel Core desktop products. Intel says the laptops will be ready by the end of this year. Compatible with the upcoming 14nm Cooper Lake, Ice Lake processors targeting servers are expected to deliver performance improvements, new hardware-enhanced security features and more, with shipments targeted for 2020.

The company is expecting its OEM partners to have devices with Ice Lake by the end of 2019. This tiny CPU gives OEMs more flexibility for thin and light products. This will now be the widely available series of 10nm CPUs from Intel. The Project Athena laptop initiative was also launched.

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If these new GPU-less processors do come at a reduced price, they may also be aimed at tackling AMD's Ryzen family of processors, which largely offer better bang for buck than their Intel equivalents. The new range of chips includes a Core i9-9900K processor which Intel describes as the best gaming processor.

Intel disclosed it is expanding its decadelong investment in network infrastructure with new 10nm-based network system on chip (SoC), code-named "Snow Ridge", that has been developed specifically for 5G wireless access and edge computing.

And, in a bid to take on Qualcomm's "Always Connected" Windows 10 PCs, the chipmaker outlined a new standard for the next generation of notebooks called Project Athena.

"This network SoC is meant to bring Intel architecture into wireless access base stations and allow more computing functions to be distributed out at the edge of the network", Intel said. Amnon Shashua, CEO and President of Mobileye, which Intel acquired in 2017, was also on stage at Intel's CES 2019 press conference.

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