Man caught on video licking doorbell for 3 hours

Man caught on video licking doorbell for 3 hours

"I go, '5:00 in the morning?' My son doesn't get home till 6:00 am, well then who the heck is that?"

Authorities say the footage helped them identify the suspect, Roberto Daniel Arroyo.

"Comical in a sense, but we have to keep our eyes open make sure it's nothing more than that", neighbor Francisco Javier Estrada said.

"I thought, 'Oh boy, that is just weird, '" said the homeowner Sylvia Dungan.

On the night of the incident, the homeowners, the Dungans, were out of town - but their kids were inside, sleeping, blissfully unaware of the unlawful activity going on at their front door.

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A neighbor later found the extension cords and returned them, KPIX reported. The woman told the news station she was alerted by the home security system that notifies them when there's movement outside. "I started reviewing the video and said 'Who the heck is that?"

After the home surveillance footage was checked, police were called out to watch the video, in which a man can be seen clearly licking the doorbell repeatedly.

"You kind of laugh about it afterwards because, technically, he didn't harm anybody, he didn't break anything", said Sylvia Dungan, the owner of the home.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he is known to police, who are seeking to charge him with "misdemeanor prowling, theft, and violation of probation", according to Salinas Police spokesperson Miguel Cabrera.

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