AMD announces Radeon VII graphics: Zen 2 on track

AMD announces Radeon VII graphics: Zen 2 on track

Given the highly-parallel nature of the NAMD software, it's not too surprising that the 64-core Epyc walked away with a decisive victory, but the circa-20% performance advantage for the Epyc is a good bit greater than the simple difference in core counts (64 vs. 56) would imply.

AMD have made their move by releasing their latest high-performance GPU the GPU Radeon VII ("Seven"), which uses the company's first 7nm graphics chip.

"While rival Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang took a few potshots at AMD's new Radeon VII GPU, AMD chief executive Lisa Su dropped some bombshells of her own: yes, AMD has its own raytracing GPUs in development, and she hinted strongly that AMD's 3rd-generation Ryzen chips will launch with more than eight cores". For gamers, AMD Radeon VII enables maximum settings for extreme framerates at the highest resolutions. The Radeon VII also supports HDR gaming at 1080p, ultrawide 1440p and 4K, and 8K monitors. Overall, AMD claims the second-generation Vega architecture it's using for the Radeon VII makes it 25-percent more potent at the same power levels. It also delivers up to 25 percent higher performance in the widely popular esports title, Fortnite.

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Other gaming royalty that came out on stage to gush about AMD and their new products included David Poldfeldt, managing director from Ubisoft, and Sam Mathews co-founder of leading eSports team Fnatic. In addition, AMD Radeon FreeSync2 HDR technology offers more than 2X better brightness and color volume compared to sRGB.

It won't just be games where the Radeon VII shines, mind.

AMD will also offer customers who buy an eligible AMD Radeon VII video card or a Radeon VII-powered computer the Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 games, as part of its "Raise the Game Fully Loaded" bundle. "We want to be the technology of choice for gamers and developers across the entire ecoystem of PCs, consoles and cloud". It is true that it delivered some excitement, as it finally introduced the new Radeon VII graphics card.

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