Senate Democrats block Middle East policy, anti-BDS bill amid shutdown

Senate Democrats block Middle East policy, anti-BDS bill amid shutdown

The White House has rejected House Democrats' approach, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has insisted repeatedly that he will not bring up any bill in the Senate that does not have Trump's support. These include the Combating BDS Act, the United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act, and the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. The measure also included aid for Israel and a provision that would let state and local governments refuse to do business with anyone who boycotts Israel. The legislation would ensure that members of the federal workforce deemed "essential" to national security and certain government functions-"air traffic controllers, Border Patrol agents, and federal law enforcement officials, among others"-who need to work through the shutdown are paid. Luckily, McConnell can only proceed with his plan if he has the support of at least 60 senators, which means Democrats have the power to stop him in his tracks".

The $23.7 billion measure is not expected to advance any farther in the legislative process, with Senate Republicans vowing to block it from a vote in the upper chamber and the White House threatening to veto the bill if it ends up on the Resolute Desk. On Saturday, Chris Van Hollen, Democratic Senator for the state of Maryland, wrote on his Twitter page that the Senate Democrats should block consideration of any bill unrelated to opening the government. "They are also racist, aimed at keeping brown Palestinians down".

The ACLU has denounced the legislation as an unlawful attack on free speech, and two federal courts have ruled that similar bills are unconstitutional.

"Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans in Congress have repeatedly urged the President and Leader McConnell to end the Trump Shutdown and re-open the government while Congress debates the President's expensive and ineffective wall", Schumer and Pelosi said in a statement on Tuesday.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, resident of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, finds the lack of support for Rubio's bill outrageous.

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Leaving aside these two representatives' real views, which I oppose, it's risky for democracy if officials blatantly lie to their constituents about issues that can change votes.

Controversially, the fourth measure, titled the Combating BDS Act, would allow USA states and localities to retaliate commercially against companies or individuals supporting boycott, divestment or sanction campaigns aimed at Israel. "This bill does not prevent individuals from participating in their first amendment rights, but simply allows states and local governments to divest from entities that are engaged in discriminatory practices against the State of Israel".

Rubio, a Florida senator, said in a series of tweets, including one pointed at Sanders and Tlaib: "The shutdown is not the reason Senate Democrats don't want to move to Middle East Security Bill".

"I'm hoping that they will", the senator remarked.

"When the government is shut down, there are consequences, and people are starting to feel those consequences", Murkowski said she told the president.

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