AT&T is 'proud' of 5Ge phone claim critics say is misleading

AT&T is 'proud' of 5Ge phone claim critics say is misleading

This week the carrier has used the backdrop of CES to tout new 5G milestones and then mercilessly mocked rival AT&T for confusing its customers with "fake 5G" icons on their phones. The decision that AT&T has made to change the status bar to show 5G E is going to affect the entire industry.

T-Mobile has completed the world's first data and video calls on a live 5G network using 600MHz spectrum as it continues to position itself as the only United States operator capable of delivering nationwide coverage.

Right now, AT&T doesn't have any device on its roster that boasts actual 5G capabilities.

"5G Evolution", or 5G E, is not true 5G.

AT&T is upgrading its LTE networks as a foundation for a nationwide mobile 5G launch with the expansion of its "5G Evolution" technology in more than 400 US markets, according to an announcement. Chief executive John Legere is keen to brag about T-Mobile's progress on the 5G front, especially as the carrier continues to expand its customer base through an aggressive marketing strategy. Verizon recently started rolling out a, but it's rather than the 5G NR (New Radio) global standard.

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Verizon said "the potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist", or risk alienating customers.

All the major USA carriers are racing to create the first nationwide 5G network. The carrier is calling the combination "5G Evolution". AT&T did hint past year that it might use other spectrum bands for 5G aside from its millimeter-wave spectrum.

AT&T, which made investment for the deployment of LTE-M in 2017, connects more IoT devices than any other provider in North America.

AT&T said it aims to enhance network capacity by 50 percent since 2017 - providing connectivity for consumers and first responders in urban and rural areas nationwide. AT&T hasn't really upgraded it's network a whole lot in the past few years, so if anything it is likely slower compared to Verizon and T-Mobile's network. That little space caused a big stir after AT&T chose to add a new symbol, called 5Ge.

Not to be left out, Sprint also chimed in and took shots at AT&T.

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