Outrage over apparent 'segregation' in South Africa school

Outrage over apparent 'segregation' in South Africa school

This was after a picture showing black pupils sitting separately from white pupils at a North West school went viral on social media. One of the kids mothers', during an interview with Open News South Africa, recalled how excited she was to drop off her child at the Grade R class, where all the kids were lined up outside, ready to start the day.

"When I got to the class before school in the morning, all the children's names were already written on the desks they were supposed to sit at".

"Rather what becomes painful is that there are black people who still insist that racism has ended and who think that blacks and whites can have peaceful relations that do not have undertones of racism", he wrote on his Facebook page. They own everything in this town including public schools.

"They say the school says the children chose to sit that way, which is not true", said the disgruntled parent. "This primary school is an example of their behaviour and hatred toward black children", said the teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"'As a result, blacks including coloured and Indian people have no option but to take their children to such racist private schools for better education", Mr Sigudu added. At 9am, they received an update from the children's teacher on how their day was going via the WhatsApp group.

"We hear complaints that black children are often threatened by white pupils not to touch them or else they tell their fathers who have guns to deal with them".

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Some white parents have removed their children from the school because they fear for their safety.

They said if the segregation is proved they would be "strongly condemning" it. But here it is different, whites hate us more.

"We are not sure whether is fake or real, if it's real we are condemning it, we say not during this era, we can not really accept it".

"I remember in 2008‚ we left township schools at that time and protested at this school because we wanted this [racial segregation] to end as this is also a government school‚" one resident said. In the last three or four years, there have been at least two other incidents involving schools that have been accused of segregating learners based on their racial identity.

While the picture has sparked outrage others have pointed out that the it was seemingly part of a series of pictures taken on the same day in the same class.

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