Sonos One and Sonos Beam are finally getting Google Assistant support……soon

Sonos One and Sonos Beam are finally getting Google Assistant support……soon

Just last May, it was on 500 million devices - and the new figure is thanks in large to Android smartphones (which come pre-installed with Google Assistant), Google Home speakers, and other devices or gadgets equipped with the assistant.

Among the new Google Assistant devices that the search giant talks about in its official blog post, Lenovo's new Smart Clock is probably the most exciting. That way users can share ETA, reply to text messages and play music without closing the navigation window.

The company introduced Google Assistant Connect, which is a platform that manufacturers can easily build into their devices to make them Google voice assistant compatible.

The consumers can also save and retrieve boarding pass, all with the Google Assistant on Android or iOS.

For longer trips, Google Assistant now provides the ability to check into flights and book hotel rooms.

It rolled out new integrations with Google Maps, where users can operate the app hands-free with just their voice.

CES has become an important staging ground for Google as it pushes its hardware products to compete with gear from the likes of Amazon, Apple and Samsung.

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Google Assistant soon will offer more robust air travel support.

Real-time machine-assisted translated conversations are becoming increasingly popular, though options are still limited. However, Google has not given details when it will be available on Android devices.

For the USA consumers, Google is introducing a couple of new features in the Assistant that will enable them to do a lot more than just search for flights.

"You can ask your Google Assistant to show restaurants nearby, set up and dismiss alarms, schedule reminders and timers without unlocking your phone", reads an excerpt from the same January 8th media release. The new features include flight check-in, hotel bookings, and expanded locks screen access.

Google announced a pilot of Interpreter Mode this week at CES at the concierge desk in Caesars Palace, as well as at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, and Dream Downtown in New York City.

Lowering the entry barrier to development could help grow Google Assistant ecosystem, as well as usher in a new generation of affordable smart home appliances.

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