C'bean nationals could benefit from NY health plan

C'bean nationals could benefit from NY health plan

Jane Meyer, a spokesperson for City Hall, said the new office will analyze city data and tenant complaints to help step up enforcement efforts, and will also meet with tenant groups on a quarterly basis.

The mayor has pushed for progressive changes, but he hass faced some criticism from other liberal Democrats - most notably concerning his support for Amazon HQ2 in Queens, which is getting almost $3 billion in subsidies from the city and state combined. Some announcements came earlier this week, like guaranteed health care for all New Yorkers and mandated paid personal time off for all workers.

De Blasio said the city would be cracking down on bad landlords with the new Mayor's Office to Protect Tenants.

They were among a number of councilmembers who said that now that the mayor, the council speaker and most of the council are mostly in accord on the mayor's agenda, it's likely to become law this year. The mayor was tacking left, adopting a message of empathy that echoed the likes of progressive superstars like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the one-time bartender who connected with working class voters by noting that she was one of them. Workers would have to be employed for four months to qualify. The mayor proposed establishing retirement plans for any worker who doesn't have one.

The legislation would require employers with five or more employees to offer 10 paid days off that could be used for any goal.

Michael Cohen to testify before House Oversight Committee
The testimony will take place on February 7 before the House Oversight Committee , the panel's new Democratic chairman, Rep. Schiff expressed hope that Cohen will also testify before the Intelligence Committee in the foreseeable future.

"It's 2019, it's time to treat people decently", he said Wednesday.

He touched on increasing bus lanes and bus speeds by the end of 2020 along with adding a fast ferry line for Staten Island.

"If you work hard and you don't get a break that's not fair", said the Democratic mayor, who said more than 500,000 full-time and part-time workers in the city now have no paid vacation days or personal days. The city will double the number of intersections where buses are given green light priority and keep bus lanes clear, the major promised, with expanded camera enforcement and seven dedicated tow truck teams within NYPD, the departments' "first-ever tow truck units dedicated exclusively to keeping parked cars out of bus lanes".

In the lead-up to his address, de Blasio introduced two new initiatives for his administration this year.

In September the city will continue to expand it's 3K program, which provides free, all-day preschool for 3 year olds. He also announced new programs including a rebranded Department of Consumer Affairs, now the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

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