Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Way To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Way To Legalize Medical Marijuana

DeSantis accused the GOP-controlled Legislature of failing to follow the will of Florida voters, who overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution in 2016 that legalized medical marijuana.

The newly-sworn-in Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, said yesterday that his state will take action against online holiday rental company Airbnb for removing listings in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

"Whether they have to smoke it or not who am I to judge that?"

"This thing should have been implemented, we should have moved on, and I don't want to continue fighting some of these old battles", he said.

If it doesn't do so by mid-March, he said he will drop the appeal filed under his predecessor, now U.S. Sen.

He said if the Legislature doesn't reach a decision by then, his office will dismiss the state's appeal, which will open the door for smokable medical marijuana to be legal in Florida. "And it's my judgment that what the Florida Legislature has done to implement the people's will has not done it in accordance with what the amendment envisioned". "They did not vote specifically for what form it comes in", said then-Representative Elizabeth Porter at a committee meeting in 2017. Florida's legislative sessions begins March 5.

DeSantis also said he wants the amended law to address licensing limits that are also subjects of lawsuits.

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On January 29 they will debate these plans, and voting on them should indicate whether any of them could get majority support. She declined to give a list of names but said that more than half of cabinet ministers would be attending.

"I was the principal architect of our state's medical marijuana laws and I am here to confess that those laws need to change", said Panhandle Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Republican leaders of both the state House and Senate indicated they would consider his request, and attorneys representing both sides in a lawsuit spurred by the smoking ban filed a joint motion later Thursday asking an appeals court to put the case on hold pending a potential resolution.

"The governor's willingness to engage with us is appreciated and the House will work with the governor on his priorities, including ensuring patients have options and our kids remain protected", said House Speaker Jose Oliva.

DeSantis says he is calling for a repeal of Scott-era litigation over Florida's medical marijuana smoking ban.

"Since this governor was elected I have been incredibly encouraged", Morgan said, adding: "He's read the constitutional amendment".

"Hardening our schools' security protects our students and the Governor's commitment will help make this possible". This law required a super-majority vote of at least 60 percent to successfully pass, and 71 percent voted yes. Anyone who gets a license in Florida has to grow, process, distribute and sell medical marijuana.

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