Eating fried chicken= 13% higher risk of death

Eating fried chicken= 13% higher risk of death

"Reducing the consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish, could have a clinically meaningful effect across the public health spectrum".

Throughout the 18 years, 31,588 women passed away, with 8,358 of the amount died because of heart problems while the other 13,880 died from other causes.

Bao explained that fried food's link to health outcomes is the combined effect from the food itself and the frying process.

After taking account of potentially influential factors such as lifestyle, overall diet quality, education level and income, the researchers found that regularly eating fried foods was associated with a heightened risk of death from any cause and, specifically, heart-related death.

But the researchers found no evidence that eating fried food was associated with cancer-related death. "Unfortunately, we know very little about long-term health effect of fried food consumption".

Women who ate fried fish or shellfish each day saw a 7-percent greater risk of dying.

"And if you eat a lot of fried food then it often follows that your wider diet and lifestyle could be healthier". The only other one he's aware of, he says, was conducted in Spain in 2012, and did not find a correlation between fried foods and a higher death risk.

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A 2017 study found that people who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week double their risk of an early death compared with those who avoid them.

In addition, an even stronger association was found between regularly eating fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish and the risk of heart-related death, particularly among the younger women in the study aged 50-65 years old. For fried fish, the rise in risk of death and heart-related death was 7 per cent and 13 per cent, respectively. Another possible explanation, he added, is restaurants tend to reuse oil when frying foods such as chicken, which "may increase the number of harmful byproducts transferred to the food".

"This study emphasizes that there is no "maybe" - fried food and fat have a direct relation to heart disease", he said. For example, the type of oil used for frying, as some are worse for you than others.

Those who ate one or more servings a day had an eight per cent higher risk compared with those who did not eat fried food.

So science has ruined fried chicken for us.

This is an observational study which only considers women in the U.S., so may not be applicable more widely, emphasise the researchers.

Other limitations of the study are that other factors could play a role in the premature deaths. "But the good news is using healthier cooking methods at home like baking, grilling or roasting and choosing healthier options while eating out are simple changes that can make a big difference to your heart health", said Parker, who was not involved in the research.

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