Apple Scrambles to Fix FaceTime Privacy Bug, Disables Group FaceTime

Apple Scrambles to Fix FaceTime Privacy Bug, Disables Group FaceTime

This is apparently exactly the case with iOS, as users recently uncovered a bug in the operating system that allows FaceTime users to listen to microphone audio from any user without their actual permission.

God knows how, but someone in the Twitterverse discovered a way to listen through the phone of another user of Apple's FaceTime service even if that person doesn't answer a call.

By adding their own phone number and then starting a Group FaceTime call, they could hear audio from the other person's phone before the call had been accepted or rejected.

What's more, The Verge noted if the recipient ignored or dismissed the call using the power button, their video feed was streamed to the caller.

Some Twitter users offered advice to disable the FaceTime application until a fix was in place.

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Apple has taken down FaceTime Group Calls to prevent anyone from abusing the bug before the fix is pushed out.

Group FaceTime video calls require an iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini 4 running iOS 12.1. Cook, along with Apple as a whole, has pushed its pro-privacy stance and functionality for months as rivals like Facebook suffered from several data related breaches. The bug presents a significant privacy issue, one call recipients may be unaware of as they contemplate whether or not to answer.

According to 9to5Mac, there's a bug that lets you call anyone with FaceTime and immediately hear the audio coming from their phone.

You might want to turn off FaceTime for a few days.

To disable FaceTime, go to Settings, then to FaceTime, and switch the toggle to off, or on a desktop like device, open the FaceTime app, and disable it from the settings there. For additional safety and privacy, you can always turn off FaceTime completely on your iPhone or Mac.

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