Report on Zuckerberg: Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger, are to be merged

Report on Zuckerberg: Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger, are to be merged

This move means that the technical infrastructure of the apps will be merged together and eventually allow its over 2.6 billion users to send messages across different platforms.

The social networking giant, Facebook said that it was working on leveraging end-to-end encryption, an approach to secure messages and conversations from being exposed to any individual other than a conversation participant, into its messaging platforms, and is planning to facilitate the users in getting in touch across networks seamlessly.

EU OFFICIALS have expressed concern over Facebook's plans to merge Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp into a single "back-end".

The Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Inc.

Even if we have to leave the technicalities to the engineers at well-resourced Facebook, the question - how does all of this affect end users - remains unanswered. Facebook is the head company in charge of that bunch, and founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently wants to bring end-to-end encryption to all the apps at some point. McDonald's, for example, can allocate a pool of advertising money to Facebook, and the company's computerized system chooses to show some Big Mac commercials on Instagram and others on the main Facebook social network.

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The report notes that all the integration isn't going to be an easy task. That means Facebook will have to try harder to turn Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp into foundations of its revenue growth.

Whatsapp already has by default encryption whereas, on Facebook messenger, it has to be activated manually.

WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum quit Facebook over difference of opinion with CEO Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to data privacy and encryption. That would have encouraged real competition that would have promoted privacy and benefited consumers.

"While we understand that Facebook's proposal to integrate the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms is at a very early conceptual stage of development, the Irish DPC has asked Facebook Ireland for an urgent briefing on what is being proposed", the watchdog said in a statement late on Monday. Acquiring companies tend to promise they'll leave a purchased asset alone, but it never lasts - for mostly good reason.

At that point, the biz signed an undertaking promising not to share any European Union user data with any other Facebook-owned company until it was able to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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