Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players In 8 Hours

Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players In 8 Hours

EA's FAQ says as much, stating: "We now don't support cross-platform play, but are always working on new features and improvements we can add to our game". To put it plain as day, McCoy mentions that the world thinks Respawn is making Titanfall 3, and they're not, since Apex Legends is what they were developing instead.

Since then, the battle royale community has been talking about the genre's newest title all the way up and through its announcement stream, which included this cinematic reveal trailer.

Apex Legends is now out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is free-to-play.

Respawn Entertainment hit the ground running yesterday with the stealth release of Apex Legends, a free to play battle royale game that runs like a hybrid of Overwatch, Borderlands, and Rainbow Six Siege.

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Being a squad-based battle royale, the last team standing wins the match.

In Apex Legends there are no duos or solos mode now being offered. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella took to Twitter to show his appreciation to the game's players. These characters have special abilities which increase over time. You can choose from different characters such as Bloodhound (a tracker that can see enemy activity on the map) or Lifeline (a medic), among others.

Answer: The game is balanced around three-player team play and you can not play as a solo or duo now as of the time of this writing. That means gameplay will be split up into seasons, and at the start of each new one, players will have the option to pay for a Battle Pass, which in turn allows them to unlock new cosmetics as they play. A seasonal model will continue, with each themed season bringing new content in the form of weapons, Legends, skins and more.

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