New Handmaid’s Tale trailer urges America to ‘wake up’

New Handmaid’s Tale trailer urges America to ‘wake up’

Known for its unrelentingly sombre tone, the show's season three trailer aired during the Super Bowl yesterday. The Handmaid's Tale is the first series ever on a streaming video on-demand service to take both the Golden Globe and Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.

The trailer uses President Ronald Reagan's "Morning In America" campaign ad from 1984 to tease the new season. "This year, dozens of children will be born to happy and healthy families".

The spot begins with the exact same music and voice over as the Reagan ad, "It's morning again in America".

Then, the clip cuts to Offred, who issues a call to action to the residents of Gilead: "Wake up America, morning's over".

Moss told THR in July: "It's bigger than her now".

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As for the Handmaid's Tale, viewers could have longer to wait - Hulu didn't provide a release date, simply offering the words "coming soon". She has an army, and she's going to fight back'.

The Handmaid's Tale's second season finale left off on a frustrating cliffhanger, once June (Elisabeth Moss) decided not to flee Gilead, despite all the Marthas teaming up to provide her and the baby safe passage out.

In the trailer, we see that Offred is back living amongst her fellow handmaid's, having nearly escaped at the end of season 2.

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