Michelle Rodriguez says Liam Neeson isn't racist

Michelle Rodriguez says Liam Neeson isn't racist

The 66-year-old Oscar nominee said: "I remembered an incident a few years ago where my friend was brutally raped. It shocked me. It hurt me". "He went and got himself help". There was a war going on and I had acquaintances involved...

The actor said he did not go through with any violence and expressed regret that he had reacted in such a "horrible" way.

Yet another tweet reads: "please free tessa thompson from having to do the men in black press tour with neeson I swear if any of you journalists ask her questions about it like it's her responsibility to comment..."

His absence came after attempts to explain his comments in a chat with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America were branded a "car crash". "In this country, sometimes you just scratch the surface and discover this racism and bigotry and it's there". He knew right away, due to "being an intelligent man", that his thoughts were wrong, and for that reason, he sought out help which inevitably helped him in a big way. "Would you have wanted to go out and kill?"

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor appeared to defend Neeson on social media Tuesday. "It was horrible, horrible, when I think back, that I did that", he added.

He said he was compelled by a "primal" and "medieval" desire for revenge when he had violent thoughts about killing a black person after a woman close to him was raped. "What he did go on to say.is that he realised that it was too dark for him, he went and got himself help", she said on United States talk show The View this week. While Neeson has argued that he's since atoned for those actions, some are still upset by the nature of the comments.

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Ronn Torossian, a "crisis management mogul" with New York-based PR firm 5W Public Relations, believes Neeson can still "save his image" provided he gives further displays of contrition. He added that it should be taken into account that he was "ashamed and horrified by the way he felt".

"Does no-one listen any more?" the Irish writer said.

But still, others are not letting Neeson off the hook.

He pulled out of appearing on the red carpet for the premiere of Cold Pursuit in the wake of being called racist over his revelation.

"You can literally hear Liam Neeson evaporating from all the upcoming Men in Black International marketing", wrote another Twitter user.

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