Mobile CEO promises the same or better prices following Sprint Merger

Mobile CEO promises the same or better prices following Sprint Merger

The third and fourth largest wireless providers in the US say that joining forces would allow them to roll out the next generation of wireless networks more quickly and compete better with the top players AT&T and Verizon.

The newly proposed deal blasts back at those that oppose the merger by saying that it would lead to higher prices which could harm consumers by taking one of the four major players out of the wireless space, USA Today reported. In this, he promised to keep rates "the same or less" than the current plans by T-Mobile and Sprint, for at least three years.

He wrote that in a letter dated February 4, 2019 addressed to FCC Chairman and known free internet hater Ajit Pai, in reference to T-Mobile US, Inc. and Sprint Corporation's application for consent to transfer control of licenses and authorizations, which will end with the effective merger of both companies. The FCC and the Department of Justice are among the agencies that must approve the deal. To this, T-Mobile rebuts that if it did jack its prices up, its customers would lose faith in the company, loyal customers would leave, and it would destroy the future of the carrier.

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Consumer advocates have said that since Sprint and T-Mobile have a big market share in prepaid plans favored by the poorest wireless customers, they were likely to be disproportionately hurt by the planned deal. In 2018, T-Mobile brought in a total of $43.25 billion in revenue, also just ahead of analyst expectations and up 7 percent over 2017.

Opponents argued that the conditions made the pricing promise worthless, however.

Revenue at the Bellevue, Wash. -based company was a record $11.4 billion in the period, up 6 percent year-over-year and beating analyst predictions. He says that these critics erroneously cling to the assumption that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will cause consumers to pay more for wireless service and/or get fewer features with their plans. "With our stable property tax rate, highly-skilled workforce, and great quality of life, it's no wonder that hundreds of employers have chosen to grow more jobs in Monroe County in the past three years alone".

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