Major League Baseball considering universal DH, lower mound, roster expansion in talks

Major League Baseball considering universal DH, lower mound, roster expansion in talks

This change could entice two-sport athletes to stick with baseball.

The league will make the change out of concern that the term "disabled" for injured players falsely conflates disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports. After much talk about the pitch clock last offseason, the only major rule change to baseball in 2018 involved limiting mound visits.

Major League Baseball says it's concerned the term "disabled" can confuse a player's injury with the "inability to participate in sports".

The disabled list as we know it is no more.

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The league will rename the disabled list the "injured list", according to an ESPN report, for fear the term "disabled" could offend. Some people thought it was a good step toward inclusion and an example of a progressive society.

The rules of the list reportedly will remain the same, so this marks a simple name change. "This is the first step in a journey to making sure they're disability inclusive".

Dodger fans shouldn't be frightened - the Dodgers will no doubt be using the injured list as liberally as they have in the past few years. Rosters held only 21 players, which, when injuries mounted, forced some players back into action before they were fully healthy. The NFL also has a physically unable to perform list. MLB's "disabled list" got its name in 1915, so the jargon was a bit dated. The list will be comprised of a 10-day injured list for short-term injuries, and a 60-day version for long-term injuries.

Major League Baseball and the players' union have discussed in recent years reviving the 15-day distinction for pitchers, who are the subject of more roster reconfiguration than position players.

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