Offset and Chris Brown Have War of Words Over 21 Savage Joke

Offset and Chris Brown Have War of Words Over 21 Savage Joke

Read on to see screenshots of Brown and Offset's Instagram beef and watch the meme that started it all.

Chris quickly hit back at the 27-year-old and responded: "F**k you lil boy". Offset responded to the meme writing, "Memes ain't amusing lame".

While Offset's critique may have been simple and to the point, it must have struck a nerve with Brown who responded in a way that many felt was disproportionate to what was initially said.

21 Savage who is really from the United Kingdom is now detained for overstaying his Visa. Your energy wasn't like that when I came to Drake show in LA.

"CALL ME PERSONALLY", he also wrote. U WANT SOME CLOUT WHEN ALL U GOTTA DO IS PULl UP No camera no flexing an all at!

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Showing no signs of cooling off, meanwhile, Chris added to his story: 'If he don't get his earth wind and fire pootytang space suits wearing cap ass lil boy da f*ck out my comments and off my d*ck'. "Oh and another thing, SUCK MY D-!"

Offset replied on his Instagram story, writing, "Coke head don't want (smoke emoji)".

"I ain't really have too much rap for you on this social media shit but since that's where you wanna take it tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the shit!"

Breezy's fans realise he is often one to make jokes and he expresses his humour on social media. Who do you think would win a scrap, between these two?

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