Samsung Galaxy S10e revealed in Canary Yellow: Packing side fingerprint scanner too?

Samsung Galaxy S10e revealed in Canary Yellow: Packing side fingerprint scanner too?

Your options, that is to say, if you're definitely planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus. At the same time, we have also seen some contradicting leaks from various sources. We will have to wait until February 20 to know the details. The Galaxy S10 includes a single camera in the top-right corner of its display, while the Galaxy S10+ comes with two selfie cameras which are placed in the same spot.

Along with the new colour and rendered images Ishan has provided not just the display sizes- which were known but the sizes of the Galaxy S10 phones. While we have a plethora of leaks tipping at the camera configuration for all the smartphones, the one which attracted me the most is the possibility of inclusion of a 48MP camera, which is one of the arguable trends these days.

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If these renders are to be believed, the Galaxy S10E, the entry-level model in Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship line, will come in a decidedly unmellow yellow color.

The most-awaited aspect of anything are often saved for the last! As per reports, the Galaxy Buds would cost $170 which is not a small amount and getting them for free would obviously be great for customers. As we lack factual information, we can cross our fingers and hope for the 2019 Galaxy S10 series to rock the mobile world with its wonderful features.

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