Samsung patents an S-Pen with a built-in camera

Samsung patents an S-Pen with a built-in camera

Based on the illustrations, it focuses on providing an optical zoom feature by having an optical lens at the end of the S Pen.

Here's a snippet of tasty information for anyone looking forward to the August release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: the South Korean company has just been granted a patent for a stylus with a camera in it. For its next S Pen trick, it may put a camera inside.

The S Pen will connect wired or wirelessly to a phone, likely to be able to transfer images over.

Patently Mobile brought this patent to the blogosphere's attention after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted it.

Due to the thinness of modern Smartphones, optical zoom functions have proved hard to implement, with most handsets using artificial digital zoom systems that don't always offer the same quality.

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While the patent does note (no pun intended), that it is meant to be used for an upcoming Galaxy Note phone, it doesn't say when or how. Samsung also added Bluetooth connectivity and a supercapacitor that charges the stylus to 30 minutes of battery life in under one minute.

An included diagram illustrates the pen sitting in a Galaxy Note-style holding storage space as well as peeking out slightly like those pop-up cam systems we've seen recently. However, I would imagine that video calls would be mildly annoying via the S-Pen camera, as you'd need to hold the stylus up for the duration of the call. For instance, users can hold down the button on the S Pen to open the camera app, tap the button once to take a photo or double tap to switch between the front or rear camera.

How much can you squeeze inside a thin stick like the Galaxy Note 9's S Pen?

Giving users a higher-quality zoom on Samsung devices seems great on its own, but the bigger implication is that the stylus could take over the duties of the selfie-cam.

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