Skype Introduces Background Blur for Video Calls on Desktop

Skype Introduces Background Blur for Video Calls on Desktop

A few months after adding background blurring to its Teams tool, Microsoft has brought the same option to Skype on the desktop.

Skype said that the feature is similar to the blurring added to Microsoft Teams previous year which uses AI to keep the focus on the caller.

This feature will come quite handy for those people who find it really tough to clean up their room or rather their background before making a video call. As you can see from the screenshots, background blur did an excellent job separating me from the assorted detritus of my home office: a summer fan, treadmill, and assorted boxes.

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During a video call, you can turn on background blur by hovering over the video button. There is no word on the availability of this feature on the mobile version of the service. Notably, the feature was first introduced in the company's Teams collaboration app in 2018, before finally making its way to Skype.

Right-click your camera feed at the top right corner of your screen, and click the "Blur my background" option in the pop-up menu. Skype didn't share future initiatives for background blur feature, but this would be absolutely cool, not to mention potentially life-saving, if implemented in the future.

It really is a neat technology application, however it does assume you still use Skype in 2019 and that's probably a stretch for most users. It has already been heralded as a life-saving feature that allows you to blur out any unwanted items in your background. Skype Users Will Now Be Able To Make Calls With Amazon Alexa in India. While Google's feature may start with AR stickers, it's only a matter of time and a few tweaks to make it also support video bokehs.

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