Trump Re-Election Campaign Piles On The Warren Heritage Mockery

Trump Re-Election Campaign Piles On The Warren Heritage Mockery

Elizabeth Warren will enter the 2020 presidential contest Saturday, hoping a populist call to fight economic inequality will help distinguish her in a crowded field and enable her to move past the controversy surrounding her past claims to Native American heritage.

Warren will announce her 2020 plans at a mill site where largely immigrant factory workers went on strike almost 100 years ago, providing the longtime consumer advocate a fitting forum to advance her political platform. He is expected to focus heavily on economic issues and detail Warren's efforts in that space, arguing that her record sets her apart.

The Boston Globe first reported Kennedy's endorsement on Friday.

In 2008, the race kicked off a little earlier for the Democrats. She has spent the past decade in the national spotlight, first emerging as a consumer activist during the financial crisis.

Despite sub-zero temperatures and a blustery wind, an estimated crowd of several thousand turned out to hear the MA senator pledge to fight corruption in Washington, level the economic playing field and reform the USA democratic process.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Warren could not say whether she had listed her race as American Indian on other forms at the time. Warren apologized to leaders of the Cherokee Nation earlier this month.

Re "Warren can't beat Trump" by Joan Vennochi (Opinion, Feb. 7): Much as I admire Senator Elizabeth Warren, I agree that she would not be able to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. She recently unveiled a proposal that pushes the frontier to a new place: directly taxing the very rich.

Warren's nascent campaign has been plagued with controversy over a DNA test she took in the fall to show that she has some Native American heritage. But I want to be clear.

Remembering the love story of Debbie and John Dingell
Debbie Dingell's office released a statement yesterday saying John " died peacefully" at his Dearborn home Thursday night. Taking up his father's cause, Dingell had introduced a universal health care coverage bill during each of his terms.

Warren heads next to Iowa, where fellow Democratic contenders U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, campaigned on Friday.

Unable to overcome Republican opposition to become the Director of the CFPB, Warren instead challenged and defeated Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown of MA in 2012. Later in the week, Warren plans to visit South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and California.

"I can't go back", Warren told The Washington Post.

After her speech in Lawrence, Warren will head that same afternoon to an organizing event in Dover, New Hampshire.

"It's about dealing with extreme concentrations of wealth", said Stephanie Kelton, a professor at Stony Brook University in NY and former senior economic adviser to the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who's considering another run for the Democratic nomination.

Warren's said she'd put the revenue raised by a tax on the ultra-wealthy toward programs to cut student debt and expand access to child care.

Hillary Clinton did an "I'm in" video on January 20, 2007. While Vennochi's intentions may be to find the best candidate to beat Trump in the next election, doesn't she realize that every candidate on the Democratic side will be exposed by the Republican attack machine as having some so-called fatal flaw?

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