Guys go into abandoned house to smoke pot, find caged tiger instead

Guys go into abandoned house to smoke pot, find caged tiger instead

Let's say you're a Houston municipal employee taking non-emergency calls when an anonymous tipster claims to have entered an abandoned house a week or so before with a buddy to smoke marijuana - and the pair thought they were hallucinating when they saw a real, live tiger in there.

The garage had been secured with a screwdriver and nylon strap, according to the police.

Despite being relatively calm for a tiger in its situation, it had to be tranquilised so animal rescue officers could get it out of the house safely.

An overweight tiger was found abandoned in a Houston home on Monday. According to ABC News, Houston Police Department's Major Offenders, Livestock Animal Cruelty Unit arrived at the scene after receiving the tip to find a 1000-pound tiger (approximately 453 kgs). "It wasn't the effects of the drugs". "She was thirsty and wasn't especially threatening [but] they did tranquilize her just before they transported her".

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The animal was be taken to an animal shelter temporarily before being moved to a permanent home.

Some tigers are smuggled into the USA from Mexico, and there are small pockets of breeding facilities across the country.

Houston police are conducting an investigation into who may own the tiger.

Krahn says it is never a good idea to keep one as a pet. Houston police are investigating who may have owned the animal. If the owner is ever found, they could face a big fine. "Malayan tigers surviving on the Malay Peninsula are critically endangered with an estimated population of 300 remaining in the wild".

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