Tesla will roll out 'Dog Mode' to protect pets

Tesla will roll out 'Dog Mode' to protect pets

As Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk noted in May 2018, the EV maker has planned the Model 3 in such a way as to minimise disruption to its assembly lines when switching to RHD production.

According to Roadandtrack's report, the Tesla Model Y will share most of its parts with the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

"We sold through just about every vehicle we had on the ground and we called nearly every being on the planet who had ever expressed desire to own a Tesla to let them know the tax credit was expiring", said the other ex-employee.

While Tesla Inc. had announced the second leg of job slash last month in order to safeguard a profit, one critical department linked to the delivery service had been badly hurt, as the electric vehicle maker nearly halved the division, which delivers its vehicles to the North American Customers, at least two workers familiar with the subject matter said on Saturday, the 9th of February. "You don't need a team because there are not that many cars coming through".

As Tesla gears up to expand into Europe and China, investors and analysts are now focused on the demand trends experienced by the company in all of its markets.

The Tesla Model 3 will be offered in Europe for 58,800 euros which cost a lot less than the Model S which is offered for 89,000 euros in Europe.

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Morgan Stanley, however, believes that emerging automakers in the electric auto market threatens the company's sustainability.

"They said, 'Your job is off the table now, we have to get these cars delivered".

Delivery of the Model 3 was the company's key priority in the latter half of 2018, as Tesla tried to supply all buyers wanting the full benefit of the $7,500 United States tax credit before it was cut in half at year's end. That is only a month away, and it's unsure if Musk himself would be the one to drag the curtains of the brand new automotive. Even with two price cuts this year, the lowest price tag on a Model 3 is now $42,900.

This year Tesla plans to add another model to its lineup, the Tesla Semi, which the head of Daimler's truck business notoriously mocked as going against the laws of physics.

Musk said last month his "rough guess" was that Tesla would begin building the $35,000 Model 3 in mid-2019. Since Tesla is planning to compete with that, the new Tesla Model Y may also be an affordable SUV with the signature touch of Tesla's electric-powered and self-driving technology.

Like the Model X, We'll be seeing the Model Y onstage soon.

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