Unvaccinated students not to attend school

Unvaccinated students not to attend school

The new "Lorenzin law" is aimed at reducing measles outbreaks caused the inadequate vaccination of children. The situation has worsened to the extent that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared anti-vaccination stances as one of the top ten global health threats of 2019.

Concerned over the outbreak of diseases, Italy is refusing unvaccinated children from attending school.

Italian children have been ordered not to attend school unless they prove they have been appropriately vaccinated.

Unvaccinated children are now banned from attending preschool in Italy, as a new law came into effect this week.

But past year, the Health Ministry, headed by a member of the Five Star Movement, one of the parties in the coalition government, adopted a temporary measure to allow children to stay in school as long as their parents attested they had been vaccinated. "But the law was working, the coverage was improving. Now, children who are not vaccinated will endanger other children at school who are too small for vaccines or can not be vaccinated because they suffer from immunosuppressive diseases".

The mandatory vaccination law was being opposed by the Five Star that formed Italy's first coalition with the League but was ultimately upheld.

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"Italy's measles vaccine coverage was par with Namibia, lower than Ghana", San Raffaele University microbiology and virology professor Roberto Burioni told CNN past year.

"No vaccine, no school", Giulia Grillo, Italy's Minister of Health, told La Repubblica.

Cracking down on parents unable to produce the documents, Bologna, the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy, barred more than 300 children failing to present immunization records, from attending school.

The 95% threshold is the point at which "herd immunity" kicks in - when enough of the population is vaccinated for the spread of the disease to become unlikely, thereby protecting those who can not be vaccinated.

On Monday - the last day for parents to provide documentation proving their children had been properly vaccinated - the Italian health authority released figures claiming a national immunisation rate at or very close to 95% for children born in 2015, depending on which vaccine was being discussed.

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