Halifax students to join global strike for climate change

Halifax students to join global strike for climate change

The protests were inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, who camped out in front of parliament in Stockholm a year ago to demand action from world leaders on global warming.

Since the start of the autumn term, she has spent each Friday outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, and ever since the first few days she has been joined by other students, teachers and those concerned about the climate. Her strikes inspired last year's Strike 4 Climate Action, which saw Aussie students take to the streets around the nation.

Protesters including the Raging Grannies, as well Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Friends of the Columbia Gorge and high school students from the Portland Youth Climate Council, gathered in front of City Hall on Wednesday, March 13, to oppose the expansion of Zenith Terminals, which could increase the number of oil trains moving through Portland.

Establish youth representatives within the Steering Committee on Climate Change in Hong Kong.

Forman said, "If we don't do something in these next 11 years, and if we fail to meet the warming target provided by that report, then we will have a climate catastrophe".

The lead-up to the protest was met with some discouragement from politicians and pundits in Australia, imploring them to stay in school and strike outside of school hours.

"There is nothing happening about this in Derry", she said. "And we will continue to do so for as long as it takes". "We won't accept that, we won't let that happen and that's why we go on strike".

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"When you tell someone that's 16 that yes in 10 years there's going to be a climate apocalypse, and the world will become a wasteland of natural disasters ... that hits you hard", Mia Beijer told 580 CFRA.

"There is no grey area when it comes to survival", declared Thunberg and her fellow youth climate leaders.

"I've always been passionate about fixing something when I see something is wrong", says Coleman, whose environmental activism began with a campaign to help manatees.

"Please keep bringing as many people as you can with you because we simply won't achieve our goals alone". The denial of climate change is not new either.

I also hope we can show them that this is not just one day, not just one moment of solidarity.

Movement organizers are also pushing for a national emergency declaration for climate change.

Create a department within the Environment Bureau where a group of people are explicitly charged with overseeing climate action, with the inclusion of a 'Climate Action Officer.' We believe that establishing such a role and group in charge will give climate change the attention it deserves and drive bigger climate initiatives. They need to know this so that they will actually do things.

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