I just want peace: Siti Aisyah - Wed, March 13 2019

I just want peace: Siti Aisyah - Wed, March 13 2019

"(He) asked Malaysia to ensure a fair trial, and to set free Doan Thi Huong", Voice of Vietnam radio reported after Mr Minh's call with Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.

Huong was accused alongside Indonesian Siti Aisyah, who was suddenly freed yesterday by a Malaysian court where the women were being tried.

The two women allegedly assaulted Kim Jong-Nam - half brother of Kim Jong-un - on February 13, 2017, at Kuala Lumpur airport, in an action that Seoul attributed to North Korean agents and which was captured on security cameras.

A smiling Siti Aisyah (27), who had been facing the possibility of a death sentence in Malaysia in the morning, was by evening rushed by officials through Jakarta's main airport to her emotional parents.

The pair have always maintained their innocence and said that they acted under the belief that they were participating in a joke for a television show when they sprayed the victim's face with a substance that they believed was harmless.

Watch CCTV camera footage of the attack.

Huong and Siti have consistently denied the murder charge and have said they were tricked into carrying out the killing using a toxic nerve agent for what they thought was a prank. Intent to kill is crucial to a murder charge under Malaysian law.

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Analysts say Malaysia risks creating a rift with Vietnam if it doesn't do the same for Huong.

"I am sure they decided that it was an easy thing to release her and score a few points with Indonesia".

Once the court released her, Siti Aisyah, wearing a black traditional Malay dress and headscarf, was rushed to the Indonesian embassy, where she spoke briefly with journalists. He had been living overseas for years but could have been seen as a threat to Kim Jong Un's rule.

A defence lawyer also asked for an adjournment in the case against Huong to submit a request that charges be dropped against her too.

Kim was the eldest son in the current generation of North Korea's ruling family. "We are making representation to the attorney general for Doan to be taken equally.there must be justice". He told reporters at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday.

No reason for Ms Aisyah's release was given but the announcement from Tommy Thomas, the Malaysian attorney general, revealed that the judgment was made "taking into account the good relations" between the countries.

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