NKorean official: Kim rethinking US talks, launch moratorium

NKorean official: Kim rethinking US talks, launch moratorium

She said statements by senior Trump advisers since the summit have further worsened the climate. She says the "gangster-like stand of the US will eventually put the situation in danger". Why call for another summit to offer the same basic deal Trump has offered all along?

Moon Chung-in, South Korea's special presidential adviser for foreign affairs and national security, said if Pyongyang tries to use the reported missile activities as leverage in stalled nuclear talks, it would constitute a "bad move" that could be catastrophic.

On Monday, the U.S. special representative for North Korea said Washington would not accept a phased denuclearization by Pyongyang and maintained that the two nations remain closely engaged despite the collapse of the Hanoi summit. North Korea expert Joshua Pollack said North Korea may be delivering an ultimatum.

"We are not going to do denuclearization incrementally", Biegun said.

Choe had said after the Hanoi talks that Kim might lose his commitment to pursue a deal with the United States after seeing it reject a request to lift some sanctions in return for the North destroying its main known nuclear complex.

Kim Yong-hyun, a professor of North Korean studies at Dongguk University, says Kim Jong Un's message may be an indication the North Korean leader was indirectly expressing a willingness to continue talking to U.S. President Trump if Washington took action to bridge the gap between the two sides.

Russian Federation and China, which border North Korea, have the relatively closest diplomatic relations with the extremely insular North Korean state.

North Korea says Pyongyang has no intention of giving in to Washington's demands and Kim Jong Un would be making a statement soon on the possibility of further talks.

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Mr Pompeo said Kim Jong-un had promised US President Donald Trump in Vietnam that testing would not resume.

The North Koreans slapped Pompeo with that epithet after talks in July, accusing him of pursuing "a unilateral and gangster-like demand for denucearization" after talks the top U.S. diplomat had called "productive".

She said it was entirely up to Kim whether to continue the launch and test moratorium, and said she expects he will "clarify his position" within a short period of time. "I have every expectation that we'll be able to continue to do that", Pompeo said Friday.

Choe issued no direct criticism of the USA president and stressed that Trump and Kim have good chemistry.

Trump has pointed to North Korea's freeze in nuclear and missile testing since 2017 as a positive outcome from almost a year of diplomatic engagement with North Korea.

Miller also characterized the developments at Sohae as a way for North Korea to place additional pressure on Washington leading up to the summit to signal that the talks are a "fragile process", but that approach didn't yield the results Pyongyang had hoped for. US officials explained that decommissioning Yongbyon would not do enough to irreversibly end North Korea's nuclear missile program, while the concessions North Korea demanded would effectively unravel the sanctions regime. "I'd like to speak further within the USA government before we respond".

US envoy Stephen Biegun has also ruled out doing denuclearization "incrementally", although he insisted on Monday that diplomacy was "still very much alive".

Speaking of the issues regarding the DPRK, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday urged all parties to remain patient and to seize the opportunity to promote dialogue between the US and the DPRK.

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