Bomb cyclone causes massive flooding in midwest

Bomb cyclone causes massive flooding in midwest

The Cooper Nuclear Station along the swollen Missouri River will likely be shut down early Saturday as water levels continue rising following heavy rain earlier this week, a plant spokesman said Friday.

The storm left quickly rising floods in its wake in parts of eastern Nebraska and Iowa that saw residents evacuated from their homes, roads washed out in communities, and farmers anxious all the water would drown livestock. In Colorado, residents are dealing with blizzard conditions, Iowa and IL are facing severe flooding, while rivers are overtopping their banks in Nebraska and Missouri.

By Friday, the "bomb cyclone" was 1,183 km away, flooding roads in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri and heading northeast into Minnesota toward Canada. In addition to the turbulence pilots also reported a 20 knot loss of airspeed due to a severe mountain wave which nearly caused the plane to stall. Per NBC News, as many as 74 million people across America should be expecting severe conditions such as blizzards, heavy rains and flooding.

An areal flood Warning for northern and parts of central Iowa has been extended through Saturday evening as "local creeks and streams, as well as the main river branches are running high", according to the weather service.

Reynolds was the second governor behind Colorado's Jared Polis to declare a state of emergency from the unexpected climate bomb blast.

Trees snapped by high winds from a late winter storm packing hurricane-force winds and snow cover the Eugene Field house in Washington Park Wednesday, in Denver.

When a storm drops barometric pressure of at least 24 millibars, units of atmospheric pressure, within 24 hours or less, it bombs out or turns into a bomb cyclone. Residents of communities that had to evacuate because of flooding will be cleaning up the damage for some time.

Approximately 175,000 people have been left without power as the storm barrels through.

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Winds of more than 100 miles per hour have slammed into San Augustin Pass, New Mexico, and Pine Springs, Texas.

This weather phenomenon is being labeled a "bomb cyclone" by meteorologists and this happens when the atmosphere is experiencing bombogenesis.

The storm also contributed to the death of Corporal Daniel Groves, a Colorado State Patrol officer who was hit and killed by a auto as he helped another driver who had slid off Interstate 76 near Denver.

The Colorado National Guard announced it had rescued 93 people and two dogs after inspecting about 250 vehicles.

Five people were hurt and 150 dairy cows had to be euthanized when a tornado hit the small town of Dexter, New Mexico, on Tuesday. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Because of the rapid drop of pressure associated with a bomb cyclone, tornado watches have been issued in parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

In mid-Michigan, authorities reported two tornadoes and possibly a third, in Shiawassee County and nearby Genesee County. When someone dies everyone always says what a great person they were, how much they are...

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