Huawei’s Android alternative OS now viable, it confirms

Huawei’s Android alternative OS now viable, it confirms

Huawei has sued the United States for banning government networks from using Huawei equipment, while facing charges of technology theft and sanctions violations from the US. In an interview with a German publication Die Welt, Huawei Consumer Group Business CEO Richard Yu confirmed that the company has readied a proprietary operating system owing to the tensions between the firm and the us government.

Elaborating the company's sentiment behind its own operating system, Mr. Chengdong said: "We are ready for our own operating system".

Rumours that Huawei is developing an alternative OS is seeming more likely, as the company prepares itself for a possible ban from the US. The largest issue which the company would face is app support; while Android and iOS have thousands of apps that allow users to use their gadgets creatively, Huawei will have to build its app ecosystem from the ground up.

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The world's second-largest handset player by market share now uses the Android OS for its handsets and Microsoft's Windows for its laptops and tablets. For PCs, though, Huawei uses Intel silicon, and if a ban were to take place, similar to how it did for ZTE, Huawei would need to look elsewhere for its laptop-grade processors.

Huawei's statement comes days after the company chose to sue the US Government over a ban imposed on its products. Last year, an export ban was imposed on ZTE since it was found guilty of violating sanctions on Iran.

Trade secret thefts, violations of economic sanctions, unethical business dealings with Iran through unofficial subsidiary are some of the charges that have been applied by the USA governments against Huawei. "We don't expect to use them, and to be honest, we don't want to use them". Other nations will make their own. In 2016, reports of a Huawei OS being in development surface again, this time as a precaution in case its relationship with Google goes bad.

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